Entrenching Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Shovel in plane luggage?

I travel between the US and Germany, and on my next trip to the states I would like to bring a small short handeled military entrenching shovel back on the plane with me.

It is about 20" long with a wooden handle. It looks much like a garden implement. It is a Russian military entrenching tool but looks like it could be purchased from walgreens.

I would keep it in my check in luggage, obviously not my carry on. Im just wondering if there are any laws that prohibit transportation of a small shovel from the United States to Germany if the shovel is kept in the check in luggage. I have been unable to find an answer to this. Any links to an actual law or regulation would be terrific.


Best Answer...


Common sense.
It's not a weapon. It's not animal or plant matter.
There is no reason why there would be a law prohibiting you from taking it.