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I need information on a military helmet!?

I have a military helmet from 1941-1942 used by the 59th Coast Artillery Unit of the Army. I've identified 2 of the 3 insignias, but I can NOT find any information on the last one. I need help!!

Here is a picture of the insignia:

@ C D

Thank you for the information and for your service. The two I've identified are the 59th CA unit, and the owners rank (Staff Sergeant). It's a helmet liner, I should have mentioned, no patches, just painted on.
I'll keep in mind about different markings from different wars though, thank you.

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You have to remember that this was a soldiers helmet. This could have been put there from a unit he was previously in, a school they had attended or a patch of a brother or father from even a different war. Still to this day I have markings on my helmet that have nothing to do with the units I served in during my war. Good luck on your search, try a Army research center near you.