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Frequently Asked Questions...

What should i pack to go camping?

I go to camp and we go camping for 1 day in the wild. whenever i go 2 people have to share one bag to bring our stuff in and mine always happens to break how should i pack my stuff. should i just bring a sheet and camping mat and mess kit? what should i pack i know a yoga mat to sleep on and a sheet for blanket and mess kit and clothes but any suggestions?

Best Answer...


If two people have to share one bag, I would suggest you go to a camping or sporting goods store and get yourself a nylon dry bag so you can pack your own items in this bag, and then stick it into the shared backpack.

Things you'll want to bring:

Sleeping bag or bed roll.
Foam or self-inflating mattress
Pillow case (put over your nylon bag for comfort as a pillow)
Good shoes and thick socks for hiking
Change of socks and underwear
Small towel or camp towel
Couple of large garbage bags or a rain poncho in case it rains
Pullover hat and gloves (if cool weather is expected)
Couple of kitchen-size garbage bags for trash and dirty clothes
Travel or camp soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, in a zip-lock bag.
1/2 roll of toilet paper, cardboard tube removed and flattened, in zip-lock bag.
Wet-nap wipes
Bug spray and sunblock
Mess kit, Sierra Cup or Canteen Cup
Spork or Fork and Spoon
Small pocketknife or multi-tool (if permitted)
Small flashlight or headlamp with fresh batteries (LED ones last longer)
Water bottle (reusable or store-bought)
A mini sewing kit or needle and thread, and some safety pins for emergency repairs
Signal Whistle (in case you get lost)

Some other suggestions:
Deck of cards
Pocket portable radio
A few hard candies (but don't bring them or any other food in your tent)
Couple of granola or energy bars (ditto about not bringing in tent)
Jacket of some sort (even in the summer it can get cold at night)