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What should I do in the army special ops or sniper?

Sup i take my asvab in a week from today and i don't know what i want to do because my dad gave me a year to 2 years to live in special ops and i want to be a sniper ,but my math skills are not that great so i said to hell with it ill ask the peps what they think get some info from real military men that live it everyday.

Thanks to everyone who give me there advice.

Best Answer...


Exactly what Pete said and
how exactly do you think the Bad @$%es get supplies?
Who do you think drives them in? JP8 doesn't grow on trees. most MREs are made in Texas so someone has to ship them and it ain't UPS. Someone has to fill out payrolls, someone has to patch up bullet holes in people and equipment.

There are so many more important jobs that have to be done before the infantry gets to play.
If you want to be a big shot try for M.I. they are some FREAKS.