Cap Hat

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the difference between CAP HAT CROWN HELMET HEADGEAR?

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CAP- a cap is usually a small head covering with a bill, such
as a baseball cap.
HAT- A hat is a more formal head covering that can be
decorative as well as warming. A hat usually has a
brim that goes 360 degrees around the head covering.
CROWN- Usually worn by royalty and is made of a precious
metal, and may be in-crusted with jewels. It can also be
made of other metals with fake jewels
HELMET: A helmet is a protective head covering, made of
a substance strong enough to protect the head from
injury, such as a soldiers helmet, a football helmet,
or a welders helmet.
HEADGEAR: Headgear can mean any type of specialized
head covering, relating to a particular occupation or
activity. Headgear can be just a device that fits the
head , on which specialized attachments can be